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Our Research Division primarily specializes on the valuation of mining corporations. This is done independently and it is based on core criteria. Technical factors and future expectations of the underlying are integrated into the value assessment.

Quick Check

Quick Check is a free service for mining corporations: The Investor Relation Manager can request a non-binding assessment of the market value of your company from MvM Commodity Research.  


      Free and non-binding assessment of the security

      Fundamental & technical valuation criteria



      Short, professional statement to the IR Division

      Provides the basis for further offers


You can request our free and non-binding Quick Check on the form here:


Company with a stock symbol:  
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Mining Value Report

The Mining Value Report (MVR) is a comprehensive, written composition of a company analysis. The prerequisite for issuing an MVR is the results from Quick Check. There is a charge for an MVR.

The Mining Value Report consists of one page. The copy of the basic version is provided in an electronic, printable standard format (pdf, doc, xml and many others). This analysis can be delivered as a printed document upon request.


The Report is intended for publication and distribution. The MvM Commodity Marketing Division also offers additional services to reach qualified investor circles.


          Brief company profile

          Standard version in German, with an English translation if desired

          Description of the current company performance

          Analysis of the current and past figures

          Delivery of an estimate, i.e. a recommendation

          Chart analysis with short and mid-term market assessments

          Analysis of the underlying

          Statements from the management or a company representative



          Professional assessment of the company

          Increased presence of the security

          Increase the trade volume of the stock

          Increased informational transparency for investors

          Important questions and proposals from investors

          Easing investor relations by reaching a wide range of the public sector

Producing an offer is dependent on the result from Quick Check.


Mining Value Coverage

Besides the one-time report, the option to receive a periodic assessment and examination of the company is also available. This includes:

           Evaluation of the most recent quarterly report

           Operational assessment of the deposits based on the most recent drilling results

           A new valuation of the company in view of company notices and reports

           Periodic recommendations

           Continued professional assessment of the company



Mining Value Studies

If requested on an individual basis, we also conduct detailed studies on business models of a sector, the market environment and competitors. In addition to the desired market value according to money market relevant methods, the company’s value will be juxtaposed with others by means of a peer-group analysis.


All published research studies will be produced in conformity with the regulations from § 34b of the WpHG (German Securities Trading Act) in connection with the FinAnV (German Investor Protection Improvement Act).

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