MvM Commodity Marketing

Research Distribution

The corporation offers supplementary services from this division in order to distribute products from MvM Commodity Research. Because of our collaboration with one of the leading newsletter services for financial standalone entities, MvM Commodity Marketing guarantees distribution into a large circle of investors from the Mining Value Report.


    * Provide recommendations
    * Use of one of the largest circles of private investors in German-speaking countries
    * The benefit of our many years of experience
    * Showcasing the news of the week


Companies can also distribute their own content through or distribution channels and contact investors in our network.


Mining Direct

Raw material corporations that are listed on the stock market have the opportunity to publish their press releases on our own English language platform with our Mining Direct Service on This is a free service.


    * Distribution of your own press releases at
    * Use of a free service
    * Membership to Commodity Circle

Dual Listing

Dual Listing means that a company is listed on stock exchanges besides their own country’s stock exchange or is integrated into the trade cycle. A Dual Listing is thus not an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Dual Listing offers many advantages:

·         More presence on the capital market

·         Global trade

·         Image improvement with competitors and investors

·         Larger volume of trade

·         More service for investors by longer trade hours

Many corporations (for instance, BHP and Rio Tinto) are first listed on the stock exchange of the country where they were founded and secondarily at trade centers of one or several other countries.   

Dual Listing is gaining more significance because of the increased globalization of markets. MvM Commodity Finance possesses well-founded market knowledge and established partners in order to stand by companies in a supportive way when being listed on other financial centers, especially in Germany.

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